Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Enter My Gate Access Code?

How Do We Prevent Pests From Renting At Red Spud Storage?

We prevent rodents by using a repellant spray on the building interiors and bait boxes and traps outside. Spiders are prevented with an insecticide.

Ultimately, however, the responsibility inside each locked unit rests on you, the renter. For your peace of mind, you may further secure your items by applying the following precautions: 
  • Don't store any food, not even the crumbs in your toaster. Canned foods, excluding dry canned goods, may even invite pests. Freezing temperatures can cause cans to bulge and the seams may potentially break. 
  • Use totes and cover furniture with plastic to help protect valuables from potential damage.
  • Check out our Tenant Protection Plan which covers rodent damage.